Keppra (Generic Levetiracetam)


Keppra is an antiepileptic tranquilize comprising of Levetiracetam as the fundamental dynamic fixing. Levetiracetam is an orally directed medication and is promptly ingested after organization. It is a broadly utilized medication everywhere throughout the world to treat epilepsy. You can purchase Levetiracetam at we stock the medication in bounty inferable from the wide utilization. There are additionally numerous nonexclusive variations of Keppra being sold at a less expensive cost. You can purchase Levetiracetam here without the problem of heading toward a normal drug store and set aside both time and cash.


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Side effects

Keppra is a very much endured medicate and not may symptoms have been accounted for. Some of reactions experienced in extremely mellow structures are balding, tension and fractiousness. Patients utilizing Levetiracetam pills have additionally announced cerebral pain and queasiness often. When directed on pediatric patients the symptoms that might be normal incorporate sluggishness, unintentional injury, threatening vibe, peevishness, and shortcoming.


Keppra is an orally administered drug. It needs to be taken on a regular basis to derive the desired results. Levetiracetam pills can be taken with or without food. Levetiracetam induces sleepiness in some patients and hence after taking Keppra indulging in activities requiring alertness should be avoided. Pregnant women should take this drug only when it absolutely necessary.

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