levofloxacin 500 Mg (Levaquin)

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Levaquin, Tavani (Generic Levofloxacin)


Levofloxacin is the Levo isomer of ofloxacin. Levofloxacin is utilized to treat microbes that cause bronchitis, pneumonia, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, skin diseases, urinary tract contaminations and contaminations of the prostrate. Levaquin can be given as tablets, infusions or oral answer for signs like nosocomial pneumonia, network gained pneumonia, intense bacterial sinusitis, incessant bronchitis, intense pyelonephritis and inward breath Bacillus anthracis. You can purchase Levofloxacin here.

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Side effects

The regular symptoms announced with Levofloxacin are moniliasis, sleep deprivation, migraine, tipsiness, dyspnea, sickness, spewing, clogging, stomach torment, dyspepsia, rash, pruritis, vaginitis, edema, infusion site response, chest torment, QT interim prolongation, raised liver compounds, ligament issue and break.


The measurements of Levofloxacin is to be balanced in patients with renal impedance. It isn’t encouraged to manage Levofloxacin with acid neutralizers containing divalent cations. On the off chance that acid neutralizers is to be regulated it ought to be given 2 hours prior or after organization of Levofloxacin. It is prescribed to take 2hrs after nourishment. Levofloxacin is to be directed with alert in diabetic patients as it can cause increment or lessening in blood glucose levels. The corresponding utilization of Levofloxacin and non-steroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs) can cause CNS incitement and convulsive seizures. Levofloxacin ought not be utilized if patients create rash, growing or ligament break. The patient ought to keep away from introduction to ultra violet light during Levofloxacin treatment as it can cause photosensitivity responses. The patient ought to evade exercises that require sharpness during Levofloxacin treatment. The patient ought to be told of spasms and hepatotoxicity during Levofloxacin treatment.

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