Tretinoin Gel


A-Ret Gel contains the active ingredient known as Tretinoin Gel, which is the acid form of Vitamin A. You can buy A-Ret Gel from any pharmacy in your neighborhood. It is in the form of a gel and has to be applied to areas affected with acne or pimples. It is generally sold as a prescription medicine.


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How does Tretinoin gel work?

The exact way in which Tretinoin gel works is unknown. Researchers believe that the effectiveness of Tretinoin get in treating acne comes from its ability to normalize follicular keratinization. Acne is a result of the formation of microcomedo in the follicles. A-Ret Gel helps in the extrusion of comedo contents and reduces the acne. Tretinoin is the acid for of Vitamin A. this acid activates the receptors of nuclear retinoic acid, which is believed to regulate the skin functions. You can purchase A-Ret Gel drug online and start treating acne and pimples.


Side effects of A-Ret Gel

You may start feeling some warmth or a stinging sensation when you apply A-Ret Gel gel. Common side effects include skin redness, burning, stinging, itching, dryness, and peeling. These symptoms are not a cause of worry and will disappear in a short time. If some irritation persists, you may consult a doctor for further course of action. Pregnant women should not use A-Ret Gel gel. Do not use A-Ret Gel along with other medications for acne treatment.


Guidelines before applying Tretinoin gel

Wash you face with a gentle, non-medicated soap and pat it dry. Apply A-Ret Gel gel to the dry surface of your face once every evening. Do not allow Tretinoin gel to enter eyes, nostrils or mouth. Use a sun protection cream during the day. Buy Tretinoin gel from any pharmacy and start using it to treat acne in the most effective manner.


What are the common dosages of A-Ret Gel?

Tretinoin gel should be applied to clean and dry face once every evening. You can now order A-Ret Gel gel online from any online pharmacy.



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