Etoricoxib 120mg


Arcoxia (Generic Etoricoxib)


toricoxib relieves pain and inflammation with less risk of stomach ulcers compared to NSAIDS. You can easily buy Etoricoxib here


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Side effects

The common side effects reported with Etoricoxib are nausea, vomiting, heartburn, indigestion, uncomfortable feeling or pain in the stomach, diarrhoea, swelling of the legs, ankles or feet, high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, rash, itching, severe skin reactions, taste alteration, wheezing, insomnia, anxiety, drowsiness, mouth ulcers, confusion, hallucinations and platelets decreased.


The accompanying utilization of ibuprofen and Arcoxia can cause stomach ulcers. The patient ought to be regulated with the most minimal portion for the briefest term of time in view of the danger of coronary failures and strokes, which may increment after delayed treatment with high dosages. The high portion of Etoricoxib can build the danger of coronary failures and strokes. The utilization of Arcoxia is contraindicated in patients with cardiovascular breakdown, a respiratory failure, sidestep medical procedure, chest agony, restricted or fringe blood vessel sickness, or a stroke. Arcoxia ought not be managed in patients with uncontrolled hypertension, coronary supply route infection or atherosclerosis. Etoricoxib isn’t given to pediatric patients. Arcoxia isn’t suggested for use during late pregnancy. The portion of Arcoxia ought to be decreased in hepatic debilitation. Arcoxia ought to be taken with a glass of water at same time every day. Arcoxia can be taken withut respect of nourishment. Arcoxia ought not be utilized when patient is having a disease as it shrouds the fever assosciated with contamination.


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